Customized weight loss programs tailored to your current level of fitness.  Maximize your time in the studio and get real results faster. 

MuvLab Training for Weight Loss

Movement based training is great for individuals looking to lose weight.  Our approach to weight loss involves using movement efficiency screenings to ensure all prescribed programs are conducted in a safe manner.  Each workout is custom tailored to your goals, ability and level of fitness.  When working with a MuvLab coach you can rest assured that each workout was planned to help you reach your goals and maintain them!  There are many fad based rapid weight loss programs out there that will help you lose weight but may also lead you to injury.  There are also many programs that promise quick results but they're nearly impossible to maintain.  Let us show you how a properly designed program with a balanced nutrition plan can help you make long-term success possible.

What people are saying about MuvLab weight loss programs: 

I started training here 2 1/2 years ago with the goal of losing 30 pounds. I was able to lose it and have kept it off! I feel great, I’m so happy that I do not have to carry that weight anymore!
— Steve
When I was younger I swam in the Olympic Trials. However, swimming lead me to the operating room for seven surgeries. I was not able to exercise because of the pain in my knees and I gained a lot of weight. I have lost 60 pounds since starting here and have eliminated a lot of pain from my life!
— Kevin