Strength Training and HIIT training at MuvLab is for everyone.  We have developed a system that is easily adapted for people of all ability levels.

MuvLab Strength and HIIT Training

Our system has been proven time and time again to help people increase strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, lose weight and eliminate pain.  Since 2008, we have been developing our programming to ensure that we deliver results in a safe and positive atmosphere.  All MuvLab programs emphasize the importance of form and function over weight and competition.  You compete against yourself to be better when you leave than when you walked in the door and that's it.  We don't keep score, we don't celebrate the person that is the fastest or strongest.  We do celebrate milestones and achievement.  We understand that each individual has their own set of goals and motivations and we will modify our programming to ensure that you're attaining those goals. Even though these programs are prescribed in a group setting, know that we take a personal approach to each class to ensure you're receiving feedback each step of the way.

What people are saying about MuvLab Strength and HIIT programs: 

The friendships I’ve made give me a reason to look forward to working out. Not only do I love the people, but the workouts have been amazing! They are always different yet challenging. It’s clear the trainers put a lot of thought into each workout and are always pushing you to be your best.
— Emily
If you show up and do your best consistently, you will end in fantastic shape.  The workout program is well rounded from strength, to cardio, to flexibility.  The trainers are very good at putting together a different workout every day so you don’t get ever get bored
— Morey