MuvLab-DTC Friday Five. 5 Muscle Groups Every Runner Should Be Stretching

Yoga for runners and injury prevention at MuvLab-DTC.  Denver's premier facility for injury prevention, personal training, HIIT training, strength training, yoga and indoor cycling.

MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday

We believe that strength training is for everyone.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your performance, reduce the risk of injury, or simply improve your quality of life, strength training should be incorporated into your fitness program.  Today Coach Jared Cooper shares three exercises that we use to improve lower body stabilization, strength and power. 

The fall months are often a transitional period for residents in Colorado.  Many people are just finishing their endurance training and racing season and are starting to turn their focus to winter sports.  Each movement that Jared demonstrates will help improve your ability to enjoy winter sports this season.  Skiers and snowboarders often suffer from injuries than could be prevented with proper training.  Don't consider yourself an athlete?  These exercises will still help you achieve your fitness goals.

We vary our programming each week throughout the month.  The first week of each month we work on building endurance and increasing stabilization.  This week can be thought of as a recovery or "de-load" week from the previous month of training.  We then transition into strength and power workouts over the month.  All movements at MuvLab can be modified so that muvers of all ages and abilities are able to complete each workout in a safe and efficient manner.  What we don't do at MuvLab: keep score, encourage you to complete every rep if it results in bad form or work into power exercises if your body isn't ready for that type of loading. 

Watch the video below to learn how to improve fitness and reduce the risk of injury in the gym and in life.

MuvLab-DTC Muv Member Monday - Emily Oerter

Emily has been training with SportXcel and MuvLab for over two years.  She's a consistent member of the 5pm adult team training class, attends our weekly runs, and happy hours. 

When asked what she likes most about training at MuvLab she said "everything"! 
Here's what Emily had to say about her experience at MuvLab.

"Best gym ever!!! Between small group training, spin, yoga, and a dietician this gym has it all!! Erik and the trainers have been amazing over the last couple years I have been there. The gym has a fun and welcoming feel. The friendships I've made give me a reason to look forward to working out. Not only do I love the people, but the workouts have been amazing! They are always different yet challenging. It's clear the trainers put a lot of thought into each workout and are always pushing you to be your best. They treat each member as an individual and are always differentiating to fit everyone's needs. I don't live close to the gym but I'm willing to travel everyday because I couldn't be happier!"

Thanks for supporting the muvment!  We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals for years to come!

The friendships I’ve made give me a reason to look forward to working out. Not only do I love the people, but the workouts have been amazing!

MuvLab-DTC Friday Five- 5 Components of a Corrective Exercise Program

Corrective exercise strategies are a big part of our programming at MuvLab.  Some of you may have heard of Corrective Exercise Training while some of you may be hearing the term now for the first time.  Corrective Exercise Training defined: a form of training designed to correct muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, neuromuscular deficits, and postural distortion patterns that develop during daily living.  The Fusionetics Assessments we perform on all clients help us develop an individual Corrective Exercise Training plan for each member.   Why do we take the time to develop these plans?  We believe all people should be able to live, exercise and partake in all recreational activities pain free.

We use five steps in our Corrective Exercise Training programs to help people eliminate pain and return to pain free living. Inhibit/Myofascial Release (Foam Roll), Lengthen/Static Stretch, Isolated Activation, Integrated Functional Re-Education, Functional Strength and HIIT Training.

Step 1. Myofascial Release with Foam Roller
Foam rolling helps to loosen tight muscles.  Through our Movement Efficiency Screening we show you exactly which muscles are tight and how to inhibit them with a foam roller.  Foam rolling incorporates the concept of autogenic inhibition to improve soft-tissue and muscle extensibility.  When you find the tender or sensitive area of each muscle group, hold the foam roller on that area for 30 seconds.

Step 2. Lengthen with Static Stretching
After foam rolling our tight muscles we then lengthen them with static stretching.  This type of stretching combines low-force and long-duration movements.  In order to experience the benefits of static stretching you should hold the stretch at the first point of resistance for 30 seconds.

Static Hip Flexor and TFL stretch

Step 3: Isolated Activation
Now we must work to activate the inactive muscle groups.  These exercises are specific in their ability to target weak muscles.  We often use stability pads, resistance bands and mini-bands for this component of the program. Each exercise should be performed in a slow controlled manner.  Complete 1-2 sets of 10-20 reps of each movement.

Single Leg RDL on a Theraband Stability Trainer

Step 4: Functional Re-Education
We add in movements that replicate daily living in a controlled manner to ensure we're restoring movement efficiency.  The goal is to retrain the body how to move with proper alignment.  Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise.  We recommend a 4-2-1 tempo for these exercises. 

Bodyweight Step Up to Balance

Step 5: Functional Strength and HIIT Training
This step in the process isn't for everyone, it's only for those that have no pain or very little discomfort when performing the previous four steps.  In this step we start to incorporate weight training and interval training in a personal training setting or we introduce you into our group training classes.  Sets and reps vary depending on the goal of each individual or based on the needs of the groups. 

Two Arm Kettlebell Swing for Lower Body Power

This program has proven to be successful in reducing injuries and pains that many think are inevitable.  Whether you're a busy mother, seasoned athlete, business executive or weekend warrior a corrective exercise training plan will help.  The first four steps in the plan can be completed prior to any MuvLab workout to ensure you are preparing your body for exercise. 

We look forward to helping you stay pain and injury free.  Talk with your MuvLab trainer if you'd like to set up some time for a movement efficiency screening.  Once you complete your screening we will develop a corrective exercise training plan specifically to your needs.

MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday - Justin Carter

Justin was born and raised in Galena, IL. After graduating from Galena High School Justin attended Loras College where he was a 4 year member of the football team, and earned his Bachelors Degree in Sport Science with an emphasis in Coaching. It didn’t take him long to make the decision to move to Colorado after graduation.

Justin began working for SportXcel in July of 2009.  He worked in the SportXcel facility until 2011 when he had an opportunity to travel with and train a top rated motocross racer.  Upon his return to Colorado, in the fall of 2011, he began working with the SportXcel Youth Fitness Foundation in the Denver Public Schools. He took some time away from SportXcel in 2012/2013 to complete his Masters Degree in Sport Management and Marketing from CALU.  He rejoined the SportXcel team in September 2013 and has worked to expand our marketing presence while still training groups, personal clients, and leading some spin classes.

Justin holds a National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification. He is an avid outdoors man and thoroughly enjoys spending his time in the mountains and traveling. He and his wife Tiffany live in Denver with their three dogs.

Muv Member Monday- Julie and Craig Knobbe

Julie was convinced by a friend to come to her first workout over 2 years ago.  She was reluctant and intimidated to come in for a workout.  After her first workout, she was hooked.  Since those first days training with us she's become one of the most consistent members of the MuvLab family.  She has even shared her passion for fitness with her husband, Craig, and her children who have attended our youth speed camps.  Craig became a member shortly after Julie and there has been no stopping them since.  They attend our runs, Spartan races, happy hours and other outings. 

We thank the Knobbes for the their continued support and positive attitudes over the years!  They're both great ambassadors for the MuvLab family.  We look forward to helping your achieve your fitness goals for years to come! 


MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday - Brooke Jelniker

Brooke has been with MuvLab for almost 6 months.  Her role at MuvLab-DTC is primarily in Sales and Customer Service.  She will be one of the first faces you see each time you enter the Lab.  She will also lead group fitness classes and is available for personal training. 

She recently moved back from Southern California where she was a Sales Representative for Gallo Wine Company in Newport Beach. Before that, she played college basketball at the University of San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communications, and also minored in Leadership and Nonprofit Management. Brooke helped lead her San Diego team to a program record 15-0 start in 2015 and was influential in getting the team to their first ever national ranking in women’s basketball. She was also the team captain during her senior season.

She is a Colorado native and attended ThunderRidge High School where she was ranked in the top 50 women’s basketball players in the country and was also a Mcdonald’s All American nominee. Now that she is back in her favorite state, Brooke enjoys coaching youth basketball, hiking with her family, attending festivals and concerts with friends, and hanging with her two cats.

She believes that anyone can achieve their fitness goals, regardless of their limitations. She has had fun exploring her new fitness goals now that she is done with college athletics, and wants to help others do the same. Some of her fitness aspirations are, completing a half marathon, learning to become a better skier, and dabbling in fitness modeling.

Muv Member Monday - Butch Lewis

Some of you know Butch from Abo's Pizza next to MuvLab-DTC.  He's been a great neighbor since we opened in February.  They host the pub portion of our Wednesday night pub run and have set up a tap takeover and pint night with Dry Dock Brewing Company for this weeks (Aug 31st) Pub Run.  Buy a Dry Dock after the run and you will get to keep the pint glass! (limited to the first 24 pints sold). 

For those of you that don't know Butch, here's a little back story on his relationship with MuvLab-DTC.  He walked in one day in the spring and asked "Do you think it's possible for me to lose 25lbs and complete an Ironman Triathlon in 6 months?"  We were up for the challenge and said "Yes, but it will take a lot of work!"  He joined MuvLab shortly after the the journey began.

Butch had completed many road races and triathlons during his younger years.  He was even a member of the US Marine Corps Marathon team.  That was in the 90s.  He's since had children, opened a business and put his training on the back burner.  Going from no training to Ironman in 6 months is no joke and unfortunately he suffered a calf injury while running.  This injury wouldn't go away.  But after weeks of rest, corrective exercise and treatment with Erik, he was able to complete an Olympic distance triathlon last weekend.  The best part, he had no pain during the race!  He is still about two months away from Ironman Arizona and has a long way to go but we know he can do it now that he is past his injury!  If you see Butch at MuvLab-DTC or Abo's make sure you give him words of encouragement as he chases this goal!

Butch has also joined Team EMPOWER to raise money for the Ironman Arizona non-profit partner Smile Train.  You can donate to Butch's race campaign by visiting his athlete page or by purchasing Hammond's Candies at Abo's.  100% of the purchase price of each bar will go directly to Smile Train.

MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday - Coach Jenn

Get to know coach Jenn.

Jenn has a true passion for fitness and helping others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University - Saint Paul, along with numerous specialty certifications, such as Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Paralysis Recovery Specialist, and Functional Movement Systems, which assist her in creating safe, effective, and FUN workouts for clients. Her success is found in the success and progress of her clients, and she strives to push each person to achieve the greatness within them.

She has taught everything from kickboxing and kettlebells, to water aerobics and SilverSneakers, and has worked with a diverse population from ages 15 to 96!

Jenn is an avid outdoors person enjoying cycling, hiking, kayaking and snow sports, as well as competing in triathlons and bicycle racing.

BA in Exercise Science, Concordia University - Saint Paul

American Council on Exercise - Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
FMS Certified Expert
FMT Basic and Performance
Lagree Fitness
BOSU Complete Workout Systems Certified
LeBert Training Systems - LeBoot and LeBarre certified
SilverSneakers Cardio
Train Dirty Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
Flirty Girl Fitness Pro
Barre Biz Basics Certified
BCC Boot Camp Certified
AFAA Indoor Cycling
FiTOUR Indoor Cycling

Jenn loves all things cycling including cyclocross racing.

Occasionally she will leave the bike behind to hike a 14er.

Jenn on the Podium at the Tribella Triathlon.

MuvLab-DTC Friday Five + 2.

7 Exercises to Keep You Injury Free

It's our mission at MuvLab-DTC to help everyone move better.  We incorporate movement assessments using Fusionetics software, corrective exercise plans and fitness prescriptions to reduce the risk of injury.  Since 2008, we've been developing this program and testing it with people of all ages and abilities.  We've proven our ability to adapt the program to everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to business executives.  We recently shared 7 exercises to keep you injury free with our friends at Denver7.  We only got through 6 in the video but all 7 exercises are listed below the video.

These exercises can be done by anyone almost anywhere.  These corrective exercises are designed to activate muscles that are often weak in people.  We're a nation of flexion and therefore are often tight on the anterior side of our body and weak on the posterior side.  These exercises will help you active muscles from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your ankles and feet.  At MuvLab-DTC we're able to help many people eliminate pain, improve strength and increase movement efficiency by incorporating these exercises into their corrective exercise program. 

All clients at MuvLab-DTC are offered movement efficiency screenings and corrective exercises that can be done away from the facility on the Fusionetics App.  We have partnered with Fusionetics to provide these screenings to everyone, not just professional athletes.  We have even seen great success in eliminating pain and injuries in people that don't train at MuvLab.  We work with these clients once each month in the studio and have them perform their exercises at home over the course of the next 30 days.  Each month we re-assess and prescribe a new set of corrective exercises.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our assessment process or to learn about how a corrective exercise program can help you eliminate pain from your life!

The 7 Exercises to Eliminate Pain and Reduce Injuries

1.  DB or Band Cobras (Upper Body Activation)
            a.  Activates your mid and lower traps to promote better posture and scapular                         retraction
            b.  Fights common posture problems from being at a desk, typing, cycling and                         over working your pec muscles

2.  External Rotator Cuff Rotations (Upper Body Activation
            a.  Activates your rotator cuff muscles and Control and promotes better posture                     
            b.  Fights common overuse injuries such as picking up behind you and hiking on                     to your shoulders (Backpacks, unloading camping gear, carrying your bike)

3.  Plank Variations (Upper Body and Core Activation)
            a.  Plank
            b.  Plank w/ Rotation
            c.  Plank w/ Leg Raises
            d.  Plank w/ Arm Raises

4.  Alternating Superman (Posterior Chain Activation)
            a.  Activates the cross patterns of your lower back
            b.  Hiking, climbing, running

5.  Floor Bridging (Core and Glute Activation) 
            a.  Promotes core and glutes working synergistically
            b.  Jumping, Water Skiing, Biking, Running

6.  Single Leg Balance & Reach (Core and Lower Body Activation)
            a.  Works the stabilizer muscles from your toes through your hips and core
            b.  Better stability to keep your body optimally aligned while running,                        Helps prevent plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and common knee and hip soreness.

7.  Single Leg RDL’s (Core and Lower Body Activation)
            a.  Works the stabilizer muscles from your toes through your hips and core.  Great      hamstring and low back stretch and activation.
         b.  Promotes hip mobility, core and low back activation and hamstring flexibility seen in all movement patterns.

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MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday - Jared Cooper

Jared has been a coach with SportXcel/MuvLab since 2012.  He is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise Science with a focus on Health Promotion. While in Fort Collins, he assisted in training the football team at Rocky Mountain High School.  Jared went to Colorado Springs to intern at Carmichael Training Systems, an endurance coaching and training facility developed for cyclists. He became the assistant manager of their training club and also started coaching competitive cyclists.

He has lived in Colorado the past 15 years and competed in basketball and football while attending Chatfield Senior High School.  Now, Jared enjoys racing road and mountain bikes and is an avid outdoorsman: climbing 14ers, hiking, trail running, camping, snowboarding, snowshoeing and any other outdoor sports.

Jared believes there is an athlete in everyone and that if you dedicate the hours anyone can accomplish their wildest dreams. His dreams consist of climbing Mount Everest, participating in Ride the Divide, Race Across America, The Colorado Trail Race and many other epic endurance events.

Jared has helped many of our clients prepare for the Spartan race.  Here he is showing us how to get up the rope.

Jared enjoys the Colorado lifestyle as much as anyone.

Jared also works with many of the youth athletes that train at MuvLab-DTC.

Muv Member Monday - Chris Lujan

Chris was one of the first members to sign up when we opened SportXcel in 2008.  He's continued to train with us since and made the transition with us to MuvLab-DTC in February 2016.  He has integrated fitness training into his lifestyle and understands that workouts offer more than just physical benefits.  There was a time between 2008-2010 that he relied heavily on workouts to help with stress caused by his job. 

"I worked for a company in 2008-2010 which was reducing staff on a quarterly basis.  It was extremely difficult to walk into work each day knowing that you may not have a job by the afternoon.  However, knowing that I could take out my frustrations during a workout gave me the proverbial carrot to continue on.  I have never voiced this to anyone at SportXcel/MuvLab but the staff provided me with a positive outlet that I needed to get through this difficult time."

Chris has continued to train with us over the years because of the family atmosphere at MuvLab.  Since our transition from SportXcel to MuvLab, he has been joining in on Spin workouts when he's done with his 11:30am strength class.  The combination of our strength and spin classes helped him build the fitness necessary to complete the Spartan Race with us in May and climb his first 14ers this summer.  He joined us for our hike up both Grays and Torreys peaks in July! 

Thanks Chris for making MuvLab-DTC part of your life.  We're happy you've stayed dedicated all these years and look forward to helping you achieve many more personal accomplishments!  Keep up the great work! 

Chris frequently finishes his strength and HIIT workouts by joining the last 30 minutes of spin class.

Chris frequently finishes his strength and HIIT workouts by joining the last 30 minutes of spin class.

He joined Team MuvLab at the Spartan races at Fort Carson.

He joined Team MuvLab at the Spartan races at Fort Carson.

Hiked his first 14ers (Grays and Torreys) this summer!

MuvLab-DTC Friday Five.

We're going to share five training tips, workout ideas, or five things you can do on the weekends to stay active.  This week we're sharing five places that you can get exercise within 30 minutes of MuvLab-DTC.  We're lucky to have so many great parks in close proximity to our fitness studio in Centennial, CO.  Whether you're looking for a recovery hike or an all-out conditioning session, each of the following places will meet your needs! 
1. Bluffs Regional Park
This 2.7 mile loop (3.5 miles with overlooks and feed trails) is located in Lone Tree off Lincoln Ave or RidgeGate Pkwy.  If you're looking for a relaxing hike, a lap around the park offers beautiful views and relatively easy terrain.  If you're looking for a more challenging workout, run the loop and all of the feeder trails that drop down into the neighborhoods, the connector trails and overlooks. 
2. Red Rocks Amphitheater
Don't be surprised to see hundreds of other people running, jumping, crawling and any other form of movement up the stairs on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  There are also many nice hiking trails in Red Rocks Park.  For a moderate workout we suggest walking the stairs or hiking The Trading Post Trail. This trail is 1.4 miles in length, and goes through spectacular rock formations, valleys and a natural meadow.  If you're looking for a more challenging workout run the stairs and do box jumps up the stairs.  The Red Rocks Trail runs through the east side of the park.  Head north on the trail to connect to Jefferson County’s Matthews-Winters park and then east to connect to the Dakota Ridge Trail. The three trails connect creating a dramatic 6-mile loop.
3. MAC Incline
The MAC incline or Castle Rock Incline is a 200 step timber challenge hill at the Miller Athletic Complex in Castle Rock.  You will gain 178ft in elevation each time up the stairs.  There is a trail that loops back down to the bottom of the stairs.  Each lap is 1/2 mile in length.  Complete 1 or 2 laps for a moderate workout.  For a more challenging workout, complete 5-10 laps trying to maintain the same pace each lap! 
4. Hidden Mesa Open Space
This is a joint venture between Douglas County, Town of Castle Rock, and the Pinery Water and Wastewater District to preserve 1,294 acres of mesa, steep-rock cliffs, shady gulches, open grassland, and lush riparian habitat of the Cherry Creek basin. The trail is 4.5 miles in length and offers great views of the front range including Pikes Peak.  One lap around the mesa would be enjoyable for those looking for a moderate workout.  If you're looking to challenge yourself and add some distance to the hike, we suggest doing two to for loops around the top of the mesa. Each lap around the Mesa Rim Loop is approximately 2 miles.
5. Deer Creek Canyon Park
In the 1800s, Deer Creek Canyon’s rolling hills and fertile fields lured homesteaders, and its veins of silver and gold brought miners rushing to the area. Today, Deer Creek Canyon Park is defined by its sterling recreation opportunities and golden habitat for wildlife. For a moderate hike, approximately 3.2 miles, hike the hiker only Meadowlark trail until it intersects with the multi-use Plymouth Creek Trail.  For a longer, more challenging hike take the Meadowlark Trail to the Plymouth Creek Trail and then a loop on the Plymouth Mountain Trail.  This route will be about 6.3 miles round trip. 

If you want more information about any of these recreation areas don't hesitate to ask the MuvLab staff.  We're familiar with all of these areas and frequent them ourselves on the weekends.  Remember to tag us (@muvlab_dtc and #mademymuv) or send us pictures of your adventures!  Get out and enjoy the weekend! 


Bluffs Regional Park

Red Rocks Park

MAC Incline

Hidden Mesa Open Space

Plymouth Mountain Trail - Deer Creek Canyon

A change will do you good

Walk into any big box gym anywhere and we are certain you will see these two types of people.  Group 1: the people that do that same thing every single time they workout.  20-30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical followed by some low intensity strength training and maybe some abdominal exercises at the end.  Group 2: the people with the latest fitness magazine and trends trying some "best new functional" exercise every time they're at the gym. These people don't master the exercises before the next issue comes out and they've abandoned those "new" exercises for the next months "best exercises".  

The good: both groups are in the gym trying to better themselves.  The bad: Group 1 never changes their routine and will be hard pressed to notice a change.  Group 2 has the right idea by changing their workouts but they may vary their movements too much. By doing this they never learn proper technique or experience the results that they deserve for the hard work the put in during each training session.   

How does MuvLab-DTC differ?  We often hear people say that they've never done the same workout more than once.  Why this is true, it doesn't mean that we don't master movements and techniques.  We believe that you need to do the same movements many times over before you're able to get the benefits from each.  However, we understand that doing the same workout over and over becomes monotonous and boring.  Our four week progressions focus on building stabilization, endurance, strength and power.  By altering the programming on a weekly basis we're able to prescribe similar exercises with varied intensities in a variety of patterns to keep things fresh and new.  The sequence of prescribed movements may differ each day and week but you can rest assured that the progressions are rooted in science and proven to maximize your time in the facility. 

There is a fine line between not changing your routine and changing things to frequently.  Their are no secrets, magic workouts or pills that will get you results faster.  If you want to experience real results you must be willing to sacrifice, workout consistently and trust the training process.  Contact us if you would like more information on our group training or personal training programs or training philosophy.      

MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday

Get to know Erik Phillips

Erik, former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets Athletic Trainer, uses his knowledge of injury prevention and recovery to help young athletes return faster and stronger after injury. Erik has treated some of the greatest athletes in the NBA and has helped hundreds of youth athletes at his sports performance training facility since 2008, and now provides his injury recovery services to adults in the Denver Metro Area at his new facility MuvLab-DTC.
Erik’s breadth and depth of experience helping professional athletes get back in the game gives him the skills to help virtually anyone regain function while recovering from injury. While working with the Suns, Erik helped pilot the program that is now called Fusionetics. He uses Fusionetics at MuvLab-DTC to track each individuals progress as they complete their individual injury prevention or recovery program. The program uses a series of movement screens and evaluations to determine the state at which your body currently functions. Once the assessment is completed the client receives a movement efficiency score. Erik uses this score to track clients progress throughout the program to ensure that his/her chance of injury or re-injury is decreased.
Most injuries that we treat at MuvLab-DTC are overuse in nature and can be prevented with a proactive approach.  Erik is an expert at identifying muscular imbalances and designing a plan to correct the imbalances.  If we workout, run, cycle, or simply continue through daily life with a body that is not mechanically efficient, we run the risk of becoming injured.  When asked what can we do to eliminate these over use injuries and live pain free? Erik said it's simple "it doesn't take more than 10 minutes each day to start to notice the benefits of a corrective exercise program.  We use foam rollers, static stretching, and activation exercises to retrain the body how to perform properly. Take 10 minutes each day to treat yourself and you'll notice the impacts in a matter of weeks!"
Contact us today if you're injured and want to eliminate the pain from your life!

Athletic Training Services at MuvLab-DTC. Erik Phillips taping an injured ankle.

Athletic Training Services at MuvLab-DTC. Erik Phillips taping an injured ankle.

Manual therapy for injured runner at MuvLab-DTC.

Manual therapy for injured runner at MuvLab-DTC.

Hip Mobility reduces knee pain. Manual therapy and mobility work with Erik Phillips at MuvLab-DTC.

Hip Mobility reduces knee pain. Manual therapy and mobility work with Erik Phillips at MuvLab-DTC.

Muv Member Monday- Kevin Breslaw

Kevin was introduced to MuvLab and Elevate Physical Therapy in 2014 through our partnership with United Soccer.  He was looking to eliminate the knee pain caused from his competitive swimming career at USC.  His efforts in the pool led him to the Olympic Trials in 1984 and 1988.  It also led him to the operating room seven times to repair the damage the repetitive motions in the pool had done. Kevin also wanted to lose the weight that he had gained because his injury was limiting his ability to exercise.  At this point, Kevin was the heaviest that he had ever been in his life.

Kevin began doing physical therapy with Jenna at Elevate PT (located inside MuvLab-DTC) and corrective exercise with Erik Phillips.  Together, they were able to help Kevin eliminate pain and build strength.  After finishing physical therapy Kevin continued to work with Erik and eventually began working with Jared Cooper. 

His consistency to both training and healthy eating have allowed him to lose over 60lbs since starting his fitness journey with MuvLab.  He trains two times each week with Jared, stays after his training sessions to ride a spin bike and comes back in the evening for spin classes when his busy schedule allows! 

Congrats Kevin on reaching and maintaining your goal!  You're an inspiration to many in the MuvLab fitness family! 

Kevin getting a quick indoor cycling workout done while he had a gap in his busy schedule.

Kevin getting a quick indoor cycling workout done while he had a gap in his busy schedule.

MuvLab-DTC Grays and Torreys Hike Recap and Pictures!

Team MuvLab-DTC absolutely rocked both Grays and Torreys 14ers on Sunday.  This was a great accomplishment for all in the group.  About half of the group had never done a 14er prior to Sunday and we couldn't be more happy for those first timers!  The 8.5 mile round trip hike is not an easy accomplishment, in order to reach the summits you climb almost 3,000 vertical feet from the parking area. At the top we snapped some pictures and took in the amazing views before heading back to the parking area for bbq.  Thanks again to everyone for attending on Sunday.  We can't wait to get out and explore Colorado again with you soon!


Road Runner Sports Adventure Run

Join us at the South Denver Road Runner Sports in Lone Tree tomorrow for their monthly Adventure Run!  We will be there to share our passion for fitness, injury prevention and endurance sports.  Stop by the MuvLab tent prior to the run to learn new injury prevention and dynamic warm-up exercises.  MuvLab will also staff one of the mobile check-points during the run.  Find us on the course and you will receive raffle tickets for great prizes!

About the Road Runner Adventure Run:


You’re in for one mind-blowing evening of FREE, prize-tastic fitness FUN
when you join runners LIKE YOU for the nation’s BIGGEST group fun run at
your Denver Road Runner Sports retail store! Enjoy 60 minutes of FUN as you
run (or walk) at your own pace & collect FREE raffle tickets along the way.
Then, toast to your adventure & meet new friends while scoring up to $3,000
in FREE raffle prizes!

So, grab your friends, family & coworkers & join the ADVENTURE... RSVP

Road Runner Sports South Denver Adventure Run

Road Runner Sports South Denver Adventure Run

Muv Member Monday- Jess & Nikki

Jess and Nikki have been longtime supporters of SportXcel and MuvLab.  They attend our morning classes, Wednesday pub runs, happy hours and are consistently at the top of the leader board in monthly MYZONE MEPS.  They even joined us yesterday for our 14er hike on Grays and Torreys!  We appreciate your dedication to the MuvLab family! Thanks for all of the support over the years! 

MuvLab-DTC Members Jess and Nikki

MuvLab-DTC Members Jess and Nikki