MuvLab can keep in you injury free on the mountain

Coloradans are fortunate to have many options for winter activities in our backyard.  Whether you like to ski, snowboard, snowshoe or xc ski, you're in luck in the centennial state.  Unfortunately many people experience injuries during winter activities.  Factors that lead to injury include previous injury, muscular imbalance, lack of muscular and cardiovascular strength.  Now throw in unstable slippery surfaces and high altitude and your risk of injury is greater.  We have developed a training program that has proven to reduce these types of injuries. 

We reduce injuries by evaluating your movement through a movement efficiency screening. Next, we help you reduce imbalances and increase mobility through corrective exercise.  Mobility and stability are increased through yoga and dynamic warm-ups that we complete prior to each strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.  Cardiovascular fitness is enhanced through HIIT and spin workouts.  The combination of yoga, strength, HIIT and spin classes provides a well-rounded program proven to get results.

Reduce your risk of injury this winter and schedule your movement efficiency screening today.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding our programs or how we can help you achieve your goals.