The Metabolic Reset by Simply Nourished Nutrition

January is the most popular time for people to focus on healthy eating and weight loss.  There are a variety of diets out there that will help you lose weight.  In fact, research shows that it doesn't matter which diet you choose, if you stick to it you will see results.  The challenge though is sustaining the weight loss and results over time.  Ellie has developed a Metabolic Reset Program that will lead you to weight loss in an approach that is sustainable long-term.

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Just like you, I’ve had a constant battle between my head and my heart. I craved clarity and contentment but found neither in my food choices or even lifestyle for that matter. As I entered into the life of a collegiate swimmer, the intersection of rigorous practices and toxic foods, drinks, and thoughts created a recipe for inflammation and illness. Crankiness, general fatigue, sugar cravings and chronic stomach pain side swiped my emotions. My practical side coached me to push through the pain.

The more logical I became about my health crisis, the more confused I became. I tried every little “magic” trick out there. Medication? Check. Caffeine? Check. Symptom suppression? Check. I finally had to ask myself, “Why is it so hard to just find balance?” It wasn’t until a Naturopathic Doctor tuned me onto the fact that the symptoms were merely my body’s love language crying to me for survival. Given the chance, it would respond and heal.  

Why This Program?

This program is what I wish I had found when I was in survival mode.  Since then, I’ve spent years designing, tweaking, and refining this program so YOU can interpret your body, remove the main toxic offenders and come ALIVE.

When you start feeling confident in your own skin, you’ll be reminded of the sweet simplicity that FOOD can be the most potent form of medicine and preventative health care. Better yet, you’ll experience its capacity to build community, uphold culture, reunite friendships, and nourish every aspect of your body: from cell to soul.

The basic premise for this program is to create optimal conditions for your body to naturally ignite the metabolism sans stimulant, restriction or withdrawal.  We will figure out together what your body most needs to flip the switch toward healing, repair, and if needed, fat loss. We will uncover the innate intelligence of your body, mind and soul. 


If you are curious about what you’re in for with this 6 week program, here is a sneak peak…

phase 1: lighting the metabolism

If you’ve ever thought, “I’m doing everything right and the scale just won’t budge,” phase ONE of this metabolic RESET produces the results you crave. While phase ONE is the most strict, the loss you will experience will keep you energized and motivated while you are “UNCLOGGING your drain.”A pantry detox protocol outlining the “must haves” for every clean kitchen.

  • Taps into your own body’s reserves [fat + glucose stores]
  • Outlines a very structured plan + food list
  • Simplifies the process of revamping your food + fitness routine

phase 2: rebuilding the metabolism

By the time you reach phase TWO, you’ve reignited your fat burning capacity and it’s time to maintain momentum. In this 4 week phase, you’ll train your metabolism to use even more of its own stores for energy, further increasing its capacity to burn fat and develop the ability to switch rapidly between fuel sources. At the end of this program, your metabolism will be primed to adjust to fluctuations in your diet [the condition known as metabolic flexibility]. While phase ONE opened your “clogged drain,” phase TWO keeps it open and makes the drain bigger- PERMANENTLY.

  • Taps into your body’s energy production system
  • Creates a more flexible plan + food list from which to choose
  • Maintains the progress from phase ONE by instilling personalized modifications to the structure



If there was one word I’d use to describe the outcome of my RESET and the result of engaging 100 percent with my process for 6 weeks it’s- confidence.

Some define a confidence as arrogance. Others, as the absence of fear. I believe confidence is your birthright.  But toxins [from food and lifestyle] create uncertainty and clutter. Both prevent the clarity your confidence depends upon.

My expectation is that you are filled with confidence by the end of the program. 

I know you are investing time and money into this program, which is why I’ve devoted my career to designing a program that honors your resources and goals.

While on the topic of investment, congratulations are in order. You are about to make a choice. Take action. And join a powerful and intimate group of fellow RESET connoisseurs in my virtual kitchen. I am so excited about the decision you are about to make to clean up your food, drink, hormones, and life while also quieting your inner saboteur

If you commit to following through for the entire 6 weeks, approaching it with an open heart and a beginners mind, I guarantee you will walk with a new zip in your step and a new lease on life.

I’ve been supporting others nutrition and wellness endeavors from the moment I experienced “the magic” myself. I constantly tweak and upgrade my content for maximal results, minimal time, and [most importantly] personalization. We’re in this together!