MuvLab-DTC Trainer Tuesday

We believe that strength training is for everyone.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your performance, reduce the risk of injury, or simply improve your quality of life, strength training should be incorporated into your fitness program.  Today Coach Jared Cooper shares three exercises that we use to improve lower body stabilization, strength and power. 

The fall months are often a transitional period for residents in Colorado.  Many people are just finishing their endurance training and racing season and are starting to turn their focus to winter sports.  Each movement that Jared demonstrates will help improve your ability to enjoy winter sports this season.  Skiers and snowboarders often suffer from injuries than could be prevented with proper training.  Don't consider yourself an athlete?  These exercises will still help you achieve your fitness goals.

We vary our programming each week throughout the month.  The first week of each month we work on building endurance and increasing stabilization.  This week can be thought of as a recovery or "de-load" week from the previous month of training.  We then transition into strength and power workouts over the month.  All movements at MuvLab can be modified so that muvers of all ages and abilities are able to complete each workout in a safe and efficient manner.  What we don't do at MuvLab: keep score, encourage you to complete every rep if it results in bad form or work into power exercises if your body isn't ready for that type of loading. 

Watch the video below to learn how to improve fitness and reduce the risk of injury in the gym and in life.