A change will do you good

Walk into any big box gym anywhere and we are certain you will see these two types of people.  Group 1: the people that do that same thing every single time they workout.  20-30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical followed by some low intensity strength training and maybe some abdominal exercises at the end.  Group 2: the people with the latest fitness magazine and trends trying some "best new functional" exercise every time they're at the gym. These people don't master the exercises before the next issue comes out and they've abandoned those "new" exercises for the next months "best exercises".  

The good: both groups are in the gym trying to better themselves.  The bad: Group 1 never changes their routine and will be hard pressed to notice a change.  Group 2 has the right idea by changing their workouts but they may vary their movements too much. By doing this they never learn proper technique or experience the results that they deserve for the hard work the put in during each training session.   

How does MuvLab-DTC differ?  We often hear people say that they've never done the same workout more than once.  Why this is true, it doesn't mean that we don't master movements and techniques.  We believe that you need to do the same movements many times over before you're able to get the benefits from each.  However, we understand that doing the same workout over and over becomes monotonous and boring.  Our four week progressions focus on building stabilization, endurance, strength and power.  By altering the programming on a weekly basis we're able to prescribe similar exercises with varied intensities in a variety of patterns to keep things fresh and new.  The sequence of prescribed movements may differ each day and week but you can rest assured that the progressions are rooted in science and proven to maximize your time in the facility. 

There is a fine line between not changing your routine and changing things to frequently.  Their are no secrets, magic workouts or pills that will get you results faster.  If you want to experience real results you must be willing to sacrifice, workout consistently and trust the training process.  Contact us if you would like more information on our group training or personal training programs or training philosophy.