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7 Exercises to Keep You Injury Free

It's our mission at MuvLab-DTC to help everyone move better.  We incorporate movement assessments using Fusionetics software, corrective exercise plans and fitness prescriptions to reduce the risk of injury.  Since 2008, we've been developing this program and testing it with people of all ages and abilities.  We've proven our ability to adapt the program to everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to business executives.  We recently shared 7 exercises to keep you injury free with our friends at Denver7.  We only got through 6 in the video but all 7 exercises are listed below the video.

These exercises can be done by anyone almost anywhere.  These corrective exercises are designed to activate muscles that are often weak in people.  We're a nation of flexion and therefore are often tight on the anterior side of our body and weak on the posterior side.  These exercises will help you active muscles from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your ankles and feet.  At MuvLab-DTC we're able to help many people eliminate pain, improve strength and increase movement efficiency by incorporating these exercises into their corrective exercise program. 

All clients at MuvLab-DTC are offered movement efficiency screenings and corrective exercises that can be done away from the facility on the Fusionetics App.  We have partnered with Fusionetics to provide these screenings to everyone, not just professional athletes.  We have even seen great success in eliminating pain and injuries in people that don't train at MuvLab.  We work with these clients once each month in the studio and have them perform their exercises at home over the course of the next 30 days.  Each month we re-assess and prescribe a new set of corrective exercises.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our assessment process or to learn about how a corrective exercise program can help you eliminate pain from your life!

The 7 Exercises to Eliminate Pain and Reduce Injuries

1.  DB or Band Cobras (Upper Body Activation)
            a.  Activates your mid and lower traps to promote better posture and scapular                         retraction
            b.  Fights common posture problems from being at a desk, typing, cycling and                         over working your pec muscles

2.  External Rotator Cuff Rotations (Upper Body Activation
            a.  Activates your rotator cuff muscles and Control and promotes better posture                     
            b.  Fights common overuse injuries such as picking up behind you and hiking on                     to your shoulders (Backpacks, unloading camping gear, carrying your bike)

3.  Plank Variations (Upper Body and Core Activation)
            a.  Plank
            b.  Plank w/ Rotation
            c.  Plank w/ Leg Raises
            d.  Plank w/ Arm Raises

4.  Alternating Superman (Posterior Chain Activation)
            a.  Activates the cross patterns of your lower back
            b.  Hiking, climbing, running

5.  Floor Bridging (Core and Glute Activation) 
            a.  Promotes core and glutes working synergistically
            b.  Jumping, Water Skiing, Biking, Running

6.  Single Leg Balance & Reach (Core and Lower Body Activation)
            a.  Works the stabilizer muscles from your toes through your hips and core
            b.  Better stability to keep your body optimally aligned while running,                        Helps prevent plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and common knee and hip soreness.

7.  Single Leg RDL’s (Core and Lower Body Activation)
            a.  Works the stabilizer muscles from your toes through your hips and core.  Great      hamstring and low back stretch and activation.
         b.  Promotes hip mobility, core and low back activation and hamstring flexibility seen in all movement patterns.

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