If you answer yes, contact MuvLab-DTC today.

You should stop searching and hire a fitness coach from MuvLab-DTC today if:

1. You’re always injured. Unfortunately overuse injuries are commonplace in the fitness industry. Many popular fitness programs prescribe high volume high intensity training on regular basis. These workloads often don’t take into consideration the current level of fitness of the participants. Constantly overloading your body can lead to injury. At MuvLab-DTC we prescribe a fitness plan for each individual client based on your current level of fitness and based on YOUR goals! Our post-physical therapy and injury recovery program has helped hundreds of local athletes and adults recover stronger after injury.

2. You keep saying tomorrow or next week. The hardest part of any program is getting started. The accountability you have with a trainer will keep you on track and motivated during the process. Does your past experience with training look like this? You get motivated and sign up for a gym membership, (most likely a long-term contract), train hard for a few weeks and are really sore, get frustrated and stop going. Unfortunately this is the case with many people and the big box gyms love it. They want you to sign up for a membership knowing you won’t use it but also will not or cannot cancel. We’re here to be a partner in your journey, we will keep you motivated and on track! Stop saying tomorrow and make today the day you change your body.

3. Are you afraid of the gym? (it's ok, we are afraid of those big gyms too!) Big box gyms with hundreds of people working out, socializing and taking selfies typically aren't the most welcoming of places. We've all been there and know exactly what it's like- that's one reason we created our private studio. At MuvLab-DTC you're a member of our fitness family. Everyone that comes into the studio works directly with our staff, you don't have to worry about judgement or intimidation here.

4. You’re working hard and not seeing results. Have you spent countless hours in the gym without seeing results? We’ve been helping people from all walks of life reach their goals, even when they had previously given up, for over 7 years. Our programs are designed using science to ensure you're maximizing your time and money. We will help you achieve your goals in a safe and efficient manner. Our programs are tried and true and you will see results!. Period.

We look forward to helping your start your fitness journey. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions. If you're ready, contact us to set up your complimentary movement and fitness assessment.

About MuvLab-DTC Fitness Studio
MuvLab is a private fitness studio in Centennial, Colorado in the Denver Tech Center that focuses on restoring proper movement patterns. Our programs are ‘movement-inspired and science-based’- meaning you can rest assured in knowing that your program is designed using the latest exercise science. We use a four-step method to ensure you’re maximizing your time spent in the studio.
MuvLab Method:
1. Assess your current state of movement efficiency
2. Prescribe you with a personal fitness prescription
3. Apply our fitness trilogy based on your assessment and goals
4. Monitor your results with heart rate tracking, body measurements and future assessments

MuvLab-DTC Foam rolling to recover and prevent injuries.

MuvLab-DTC Foam rolling to recover and prevent injuries.