MuvLab Fitness Trilogy

We balance the trilogy of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and mobility to develop a prescription for each individual.  Our goal at MuvLab is to keep you injury free.  By adjusting the intensity of exercise, changing the load we put on the body, and monitoring your bodies response to exercise, we're able to help you maximize your time spent in the facility.
You may be asking yourself a few of these questions: Why does the trilogy matter? I want to lose weight, should I just do cardio?  I'm an endurance athlete, why should I incorporate strength?  I want to increase my overall strength and build muscle, do I really need to incorporate yoga?
Strength and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are great options for changing body composition.  The days of sweating it out on a treadmill in a room with 50 other pieces of cardiovascular equipment are behind us.  Science has taught us that when it comes to maximizing your training time, strength and interval training offer the "best bang for the buck"!
More often than not, endurance athletes focus solely on endurance specific training.  Benefits of strength training include both injury prevention and improved force production.  Corrective exercises and strength training will lead to improved mechanical efficiency- thus reducing the risk of common overuse injuries.  Stronger athletes are able to apply a greater amount of force during endurance events which leads them to stronger finishes.
Why should someone looking to increase strength and muscle mass add yoga into their exercise routine?  We're a nation of flexion, meaning our bodies are constantly in a flexed position.  When you're sitting at your desk, driving your car, eating, etc your many of your joints are in a flexed position.  This repetition causes the body to become strong in some areas (often the muscles at the front of the body) and weak in others (the back side).  Yoga will help restore proper body alignment, help you build strong joints, and increase both physical and mental strength.  All of these benefits will help you increase your strength in the weightroom while helping reduce the risk of injury caused by muscular imbalances. 
At MuvLab, we will provide you with a plan to get you to your goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, improve your performance in endurance events, or increase strength.  Quit thinking that pain is unavoidable while training.  We will show you how to improve your mechanical efficiency, eliminate pain and acheive your goals in the most efficient manner! 

Balance in life, like in body, is not given, we have to work for it.