Muv Member Monday - Morey Ferguson

Morey was an original member of SportXcel back in 2008.  He began training with us before we completed the facility and has continued to train with us almost daily since that September day in '08!  He has been given the name "The Godfather" by the other members of the 11:30am strength and HIIT class because of his dedication over the years.  He uses the gains he has made to live an active lifestyle and to keep up with his kids.  When Morey is not crushing 18+ minute planks in the lab, he's out living the Colorado lifestyle.  You can find him on various backcountry dirt bike trails or the Colorado reservoirs in the summer months and the Winter Park Ski area during ski season.  Morey also loves challenging himself in obstacle course races as a member of Team Get It. 

When asked why he keeps coming back and what he likes most about training at MuvLab Morey had this to say:
"If you show up and do your best consistently, you will end in fantastic shape.  The workout program is well rounded from strength, to cardio, to flexibility.  The trainers are very good at putting together a different workout every day so you don't get ever get bored.  The spin and yoga classes are a great addition to an already exceptional program. The people who workout here are awesome.  I have made some great friends. They are very welcoming to newcomers and we all encourage each other, no matter what kind of shape we are in.  I have been training with these guys for 8 years and its been an amazing place to stay in shape, have fun and be with great people."

Morey, we can't thank you enough for all of the support over the years!  You're a great ambassador for MuvLab and an integral part of the program.  We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals for years to come!