Our hands on approach to injury recovery has helped hundreds of Coloradans recover from injuries.

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Fusionetics Assessments

Every program starts with an assessment. The two assessments we use are a movement screen and a range of motion test with a goniometer.  Each major joint in your body is then given a score from 0-100 based on mobility and stability. We complete these assessments monthly to ensure you're progressing properly.

Self-Care Corrective Exercise Programs

We prescribe a personalized plan for you to correct any imbalances or weaknesses that are found during your assessment.  The plan is available to you on the Fusionetics App so you can perform your exercises while away from the facility.  This proactive approach to recovery helps you return to pain free living faster.

Manual Therapy and Training Sessions

Our hands on manual therapy methods paired with corrective and functional exercises restore movement efficiency in as few as five sessions. Work one on one with an ATC in our therapy room and then transition to functional exercises with one of our degreed and certified coaches. 

Our Injury Prevention + Recovery Program is chosen by top sports medicine and orthopedic practices to help you get back to your full potential.
MOVEMENT MATTERS – GET TESTED Nearly half of all sports injuries are caused by overuse and non-contact incidents. These injuries are preventable if specific risk factors are identified through testing and proper training programs are used.

• Previous injuries
• Poor movement efficiency and control
• Imbalances in flexibility, movement, and strength between the different sides of the body

Our injury prevention and recovery programs are designed and implemented by Erik Phillips, MS, ATC-L; NASM PES, CES. As former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Phoenix Suns, Erik’s breadth and depth of experience helping professional athletes get back in the game gives him the skills to help you not only regain function, but recapture your optimal sport performance. While working with the Suns, Erik helped pilot the program that is now Fusionetics. We now use the Fusionetics software to track each individuals progress as they complete their individual injury prevention or recovery program.

We use a series of movement screens and evaluations to determine the state at which your body currently functions. Once the assessment is completed you will receive a movement efficiency score. We use this score to track your progress throughout to program to ensure that your chance of injury or re-injury is decreased.

Scoring is measured on a scale of 0-100 (Low-High) and is used to establish user baselines, monitor progress, and understand status to improve decision making.
GOOD = 75.00-100.00 POOR = 0.00-49.99
• Do self-care programs • Warm-up properly
MODERATE = 50.00-74.99
• Do self-care more frequently • Consult with a Sports Medicine Professional
POOR = 0.00-49.99
• Consult with a Sports Medicine Professional for detailed self-care programs

Following the initial evaluation, we will design a Corrective Exercise Program to help strengthen damaged tissues, and re-train your body in basic functional movements to improve performance and reduce your risk of repeat injury. Depending on the severity of your injury and the results of your movement screen, this program can be completed at home on your mobile device or at SportXcel with a member of our performance staff. The Fusionetics software allows each athlete to perform self-care exercises at home, at practice and while traveling to tournaments.

What people are saying about our injury recovery program: 

I can’t wait to hit the ski slopes again this winter. I broke my ankle skiing last year but know I’ll be ready when the snow starts to fly. I have been traveling a lot for work but love that I can complete my corrective exercise program while on the road!
— Brian
I’ve been doing my exercises on Fusionetics and jogged 4 miles and walked all day with no pain or swelling in my knee!!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you - THANK YOU for changing my life!!!
— Laura